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غرفة التجارة العربية الآسيوية

New Delhi


Winners of the Annual Asian Arab Awards 2019 held at Taj Krishna Hyderabad India

Conference Awards


Asia’s flagship event, AACC Business Awards Summit has evolved over the last decade as a Premier Excellence and Innovative recognition Summit. Powerful Conference has been a strong component of the event right since inception providing comprehensive view of critical, technical, commercial, policy issues facing the Asian Arab Business industry.

The International Awards Conference will bring together top experts, futurists, policy makers, research heads and industry captains from all over the globe to indulge in invigorating sessions. Eminent personalities will deliberate on thought leadership while expert speakers will give insights into the latest industry trends, future opportunities and innovators will present the path breaking ideas.

Our story

About the AACC Awards

The Annual Asian Arab Awards mission is to provide a culturally accepted platform to raise public awareness of the significant achievements of Arab & Asian community across the GCC & provide positive role models for young businessmen. Launched in 2012 the Asian Arab Awards were created by Indian Economic Trade Organization, who kept coming across reports of talented, hardworking & inspiring companies and individuals in their field of excellence. As one of the regions largest trade intelligence unit, they wanted to provide a platform to promote these business houses in a way that befitted their culture. The first awards were held in Dubai & now run in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Armenia, Qatar, Kuwait & the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia at private, by invitation only ceremonies.




Nominations Close 

25 September 2021

Contact for Nominations:

Phone- 93100 73301 - Mohit Srivastava

Director- Corporate Relations

Award Categories

– C1.Advertising & Production
– C2.Authorities
– C3.Arabic Newspapers
– C4.Agriculture
– C5.Airlines
– C6.Airports
– C7.Art & Design
– C8.Automotive
– C9.Banks & Finance
– C10.Beauty Care
– C11.Blogs & Forms
– C12.Building & construction
– C13.Business
– C14.Cargo Companies
– C15.Corporate

– C16.Consulting Group
– C17.Communication Solutions
– C18.Councils
– C19. Transportation
– C20.Commerce & Trading
– C21.Culture
– C22.Digital Online media
– C23.Dining
– C24.Directories
– C25.E-books
– C26.E-Commerce
– C27.E-Government
– C28.E-tourism
– C29.Education
– C30.Entertainment & Events

– C31.English Newspapers
– C32.Events Services
– C33.Exhibition & Conferences
– C34.Fashion
– C35.Financial Institutions
– C36.Food & Beverage
– C37.Travel Tourism
– C38.Government
– C39.Health services
– C40.Hotels
– C41.Holding Groups
– C42.Hospitals
– C43.Hospitality & Management
– C44. Health & safety
– C45.ICT

– C46.Industrial
– C47.Insurance
– C48.Investment Companies
– C49.Jewellery
– C50.Malls
– C51.Manufacturing
– C52.Marketing Comm
– C53.Magazine & Newspapers
– C54.Media- Online Press
– C55.Media – TV and Radio
– C56.Restaurants
– C57.Ministries
– C58. Sports 
– C59.Non Governmental Org
– C60.Oil & Gas


Dr. Kemal Yeldrim


Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie


Dr. Rim Siam


Ahlam Jenahi


Dr.S. Krishnakumar


Saad Al Dabbagh


Program Agenda

13 March  
7:00 PM

Arrival Guests- Check in
Welcome Dinner for Delegates and Invitees

14 March 
10.30 – 12.00 (Opening Session)
Participants of the Annual Asian Arab Awards 2020 are invited to take part in the Grand Opening of the Summit by celebrating the story of Arab India Relationships which is more about the growth of one continent, it is about a period in time when the world changed and many organizations around the globe were perfectly positioned to play a positive role in what is still unfolding to this day. This opening session sets the benchmark to all international delegates and interprets what to expect from the Awards Summit.

12.00 – 1.30
Experience the Trade Capabilities of the future
Need to have fairer, more equitable terms in trade relations when the capacity and capabilities of our adversaries are improving. How can we help industry better understand the things it needs to meet new challenges in this space? How do we make trade more resilient? What is the choke-point and how might we redefine them as opportunities to establish confidence? With this plenary we will set the scene and provide the intellectual backbone for the Awards Summit which shall unite the world’s major stakeholders for an open debate on the future.
– HE Tahir Qadiry, Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of Afghanistan in India
– Gurmit Singh, Former Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army
– Saad Al Dabbagh, CEO Al Sadd Group Doha Qatar
– Dr. S. Krishnakumar IAS(Retd), Former Minister for Defence, Govt of India
– Lt. Gen P.G. Kamath, Retired Veteran General, Indian Army & Defence Analyst

1.30 – 2.30
Guests will be invited to be the first to take advantage of a wide variety of conversations, introduced, forge new connections and commence a great future.

2.30 – 4.00
Challenges of Education & Health

Health education is an important aspect of social science that draws from the biological, psychological, physical, medical and environmental sciences.. Health education is the development of an individual, group, and community, institutional and systemic strategies to enhance health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavior. Are the existing models of Higher Education schools adequately preparing graduates? Are they able to make a significant contribution towards improving the health of the population, and particularly of the poor and other marginalized groups? Is there a mismatch between the ideal and the reality of the situation?
– Dr. Sarib Rasool Khan, Chairman, Shadan Group of Institutions, India
– Geoffrey Clements, Chairman, Common Infrastructure Partners, UK
– AK Tareen, CEO, AKT Consulting, India
– Dr.Ajai Gangoli, Director Medical Services, Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd, India
– Ahlam Yousif Jenahi, President, Bahrain Businesswomens Socitety, Bahrain
Annual Asian Arab Awards Ceremony 2020- Dinner

15 March
10:30 – 12:00
Overcoming Women’s Subordination:
Socialization, Law, and Structural Inequalities”. We will bring together women from various fields, ages and walks of life in order to learn from and empower each other to make the world a better place for girls and women, while providing a number of opportunities to showcase their research, celebrate achievements, become inspired, network, and engage in both personal and professional development where they play a vital role in unlocking the transformative potential of development assistance and in achieving long-term change. Could we create international policies to strengthen this link and help us build better women networks?
– Monowara Hakim Alii, President, Chittagong Womens Chamber of Commerce, Bangladesh
– Sonia Khan, Royal School of Music, UK
– Shalini Haranahalli, Former Miss Asia California, Indian Culture Ambassador, USA
– Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie, CEO, World Women Leading Change, Indonesia
– Chris Pohl, CEO, Ammiratto, South Africa
– Saleem Ali IPS, Former DGP, Tripura India
– Sylvia Smetana , Co-Founder, Divershefy, Austria

12:00 – 1:30
The Future of Global Energy needs
Concerns about energy security affect economic performance and political stability all over the Asians and Arab regions with the factual information they need for clear understanding, informed policy dialogue, and effective cooperation on issues related to energy security. We bring together an outstanding team of Asian-Arab specialists to describe recent trends and future challenges and to lay out a set of policy recommendations designed to strengthen the region’s overall energy security. Can we continue this way for building resilient infrastructures, governance structures and new economic frameworks that consider sustainable models?

– Alisa Eshet Moses, Chairperson, WIZ, Israel
– Indraneel Ganguli, CEO, ReachIG, India
– Deepta Satheesh, Director, Srishti Institute of Art & Design, India
– Ravi Kumar Jain, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
– Shailendra Goswami, Chairman & Managing Director, Pushkaraj Group
– N. Alseri, Director, Mega Anugraha Indonesia

1.30 – Closing Valedictory followed by lunch

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