Dear Friends

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce in South India covering the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Pondicherry and Goa.
AACC is a hallmark of successful business enterprises that have evolved over a period of time.
The AACC honors innovation and excellence in business design, Excellence, historical context, educational value, and public appeal. The AACC’s mission is to develop interest and passion for Excellence in Trade and Commerce, and to further its strategic role in the society between Asian and Arab world.
AACC has as its primary purpose to elevate the importance and relevancy of values in trade and commerce in the world today: economically, socially, and culturally. AACC endeavors to be world renowned as the premier membership and recognition program.
More than 30 dedicated professionals from 18 countries across Asian and Arab continents are the greatest assets to Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce Advisory board. With extensive experience in trade academia, technology and business, they are committed to the AACC program and its mission, and ensure its future growth and success.
The AACC attracts a heightened interest of global business houses and the sophisticated market affiliated with the world of value based commerce; and engages existing supporters of these institutional values. The AACC membership is exclusive and prestigious, garnering national and international media exposure.
Additionally, the AACC endeavors to connect trade platform with a much larger and broader audience augmented by a comprehensive social media campaign for business penetration.
The practice and study of art have no barriers of language, time or place- and therefore are ideal platforms to improve communication and understanding of different countries and business practices.
At the same time, Trade and Commerce has seemingly less public ethical awareness, and there has never been a truly global membership program. The AACC  program fills that void. I once again welcome you to AACC and explore the opportunities available for global mission and the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Thank you,

R.L. Kannan
National Director- Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce

Jurisdiction of the AACC National Director South Region.

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