Council for Digital Economy

Council for Digital Economy

The Digital Economy Council is a an Indian non-statutory advisory committee of independent members set up to provide advice to the governments and various other companies. Its purpose is to harness the expertise of industry and the wider tech community to develop a world-leading digital economy works for everyone.


The Vision and Mission of the CDE

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on almost every aspect of our lives. And it is still far from over. The pandemic wiped out more than four years of progress on poverty eradication and pushed 93 million more people into extreme poverty in 2020.

At the same time climate change has become a crisis. To avoid the worst effects of climate change, as set out in the Paris Agreement, global greenhouse gas emissions will need to peak before 2025 and then decline by 43 per cent by 2030, falling to net zero by 2050. Instead, under current voluntary national commitments to climate action, greenhouse gas emissions will rise by nearly 14 per cent by 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 -“Despite some progress, serious data gaps persist in SDG monitoring. s. It has also been an opportunity to experiment with innovative data collection methods, explore new data sources and modernize ICT infrastructures to meet data demands for policymaking.”

During the pandemic, partnerships were formed among government agencies, academic institutions, local governments, private businesses and civil society organizations to collect urgently needed data for policymaking. Such collaboration fostered new ideas and resources; it also increased the resulting data’s inclusivity, timeliness and utilization

Areas Of Expertise

“The last two years have seen a major blow to the world’s economy and people, and lower-income countries were hit particularly hard. Investing in data capacities and data partnerships to leave no one behind, build trust and fill data gaps to achieve the SDGs must be a priority for national governments and the international community if countries are to rely upon evidence-based policy responses to emerge stronger from the crisis and face the unknown challenges ahead.”- The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022

To build a more resilient world & to achieve SDG goal we need to focus on

  • Innovation
  • Helping transition to digital technology
  • Availability of Digital infrastructure
  • Strengthening SME
  • Adopting Circular economy


  • Digital economy is worth US $11.5 trillionglobally, equivalent to 15.5 percent of global GDP and that has grown two and a half times faster than global GDP over the past 15 years, almost doubling in size since the year 2000.India’s digital economy is expected to witness exponential growth to $800 billion by 2030.
  • Our Focus

    • Digital Economy involves people, processes, products, and the culture of an organization covering initiative both in Digital & Non- Digital Sectors to leverage technology to get maximum Impact.
    • Cooperation-Creating value at new frontiers

    Implement the agreement and explore how to further enhance our digital economy partnership. Exploring emerging forms of data governance 

    • Focusing on digital connectivity & Digital infrastructure-the main blood of Digital economy is reach of internet & use of Data. By removing barriers to responsible data sharing and use, we aim to become the world’s number one data destination: an open, welcoming and secure environment where companies from all over the world can innovate and grow
    • SMEs and the digital economy

    MSME ‘s productivity optimization & enhancement of efficiency & Building awareness for Technology enabled operations to reach Global Market.

    • Innovation

    Enhance and encourage innovation in the digital economy, such as through open government data. Bringing best ideas & opportunities across globe

    •  Circular economy &Trade facilitation

    More & more countries are implementing steps for reaching NET ZERO. Dutch Government already took target aims to become a country whose economy is 100% built on circularity by 2050.Huge focus is now on reusable products & reducing all waste.   Connecting Global opportunities of business, facilitate paperless trading, e-invoicing, e-payments and streamlined customs procedures for parcels.

    • Emerging technologies –The most happening domain with emergence of concepts like Meta verse & digital currency & advent of Platform based economyOur focus is to Explore new issues, including competition in the digital economy. Promote financial technology and develop frameworks to support the safe and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies & all future emerging technologies.
    • Digital inclusion

    Establish a framework for future cooperation between partners on matters of digital inclusion and inclusive trade, including new people-to-people connections among Indigenous Peoples.

    • Fuelling a new era of start-ups and scaleups

    India the tech powerhouse of world, attracting more investment. Opening up the market to new and innovative tech companies. By creating the right environment for companies to access growth capital at every stage of their cycle, we will secure our status as one of the most attractive countries in the world to start and grow a digital business.

    • Building a tech-savvy nation
    • Promoting, exchanging & bringing technology for better living & better business environment Our focus every adult to have a base level of digital and cyber skills so that no-one is left behind by the digital revolution.
    • Our apprenticeships, digital bootcamps and the Digital Entitlement will help set people up for the highly-skilled, highly-paid roles of the future, and give them the confidence to use the internet safely and securely
    • Leading the global conversation on tech

    As technology alters our world, India is helping set the new rules of engagement. We will continue to lead global efforts to boost digital competition, strengthening our reputation as a pro-tech, pro-innovation business environment.

    • Using digital innovation to reach Net Zero

    Climate tech and conservation tech can help us address one of the greatest challenges of our time. Our focus is to support the uptake of technologies that reduce carbon emissions and help us restore our biodiversity, and give businesses the digital tools to reduce their own emissions as we drive forward a Green Industrial Revolution.

    • Design Digital ecosystem-

    last few decades have heralded a more adventuresome, spirit of experimentation for regulators, and the growth of digitization has created a more interconnected world. The digitization of workflows in product and service companies has made it easier to change the scope of the offerings to match both the final customers’ desires and the different industry participants’ interests. Add globalization to this and the fact that digital data flows can be transferred instantaneously at very low cost, and these forces are redefining the entire architecture of sectors.

    • Promoting intellectual capital and strengthening the talent pool-India is already leading the world & we need to optimize the talent pool more & more with new emergence of tech & governance.
    • Helping to build Digital capabilities & Business-Our SME sector needs vast digital transformation & upskilling for reaching new opportunities. Our focus is to equip them with right technology & skill.




    • Great personalise citizen experience with smart governance & smart cities.
    • Better predictability for climate & pandemic.
    • Design new revenue stream, like data as service, meta verse.
    • Clear understanding of the citizen’s behavioural pattern-which helps to monitor his well-being & health.
    • Solution for Food with implementation of AI based solutions.
    • Improved alert on security threats in advance to avoid potential terror actions. Cyber security-With the advent of Digital economy more & more focus is on data exchange. Data security & Data privacy has become the most critical part of growth of digital economy to build digital trust. Our focus will be to promote cyber safety & digital trust.
    • Drive UN’s 17 sustainable development goals with great precision using insight.