Governing Board

IETO is administered by an International Governing Board, comprising of members of repute, who determine the governance and nature of the Institute’s activities within the framework of the general policy of IETO to promote India’s bilateral trade and commerce.
 The Governing Board decides on the programme of the organization and ensures the implementation of IETO activities globally through their network in those countries.
As an independent organization the IETO represents the interest of its members through lobbying, collaboration and facilitation.
It provides a focus business empowerment as the engine for economic growth and also encourages competitiveness in the market place through the promotion of organized business communities.

Executive Working Committee

International Governing Council is the day to day affairs Committee overseeing management and regular engagements with the Civil Society and various Ministries that work on International Trade & Commerce concerning Indian companies.

International Corporate Relations committee work on various Import Export issues helping local companies source out products and services with expertise in foreign markets and filling gaps between countries.


Hakim Ali


Megan Ji Ling


His Excellency Bikram Pandey

Director- Nepal

Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie


Dilip Kumar Parwani


IETO- Advisory - Sports, Defense, Logistics, Telecom

Elvis Joseph

Director- Sports and Athletics

Mahmoud Nawaz

Director-Defense Journalist

Dr. Premchand

Director-Defense Skill Development

Srinivas Rao Sohoni

Director- Strategic Affairs

Said Bekic

Director- Telecom Sector