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FIC mission is to "To actively promote and develop predictable, competitive, and sustainable business environment, through open dialogue with the Authorities and other relevant stakeholders and removing hurdles faced by foreign investors in Karnataka".

  • Established in 2020 post covid19 as a promoter of the investment conducive business environment and solid business ethics for the state of Karnataka.
  • Over 87 members, gathering expertise from various sectors and industries.
  • FIC members are a driving engine of state economy
  • Collects and shares practice and expertise from all around the globe, from EU and USA to China and Russia and with representation in 42 countries.
  • Gives concrete and practical recommendations on how to improve business climate in the State.
  • Never stands behind interests of specific company or a business group as every initiative has to be agreed by members within relevant committees and endorsed by the Board of Advisors
  • Promotes sound business ethics
  • Actively supports economic integration to neighboring states and has a unique capability to be a private sector focal point for promotion of investment in districts.
  • Publishes the White Book, as the transparent platform for dialogue with the authorities and valuable set of recommendations on how to improve business climate in Karnataka.
  • Organizes Annual Check Conference – constructive and open discussion with the state government and other stakeholders on the progress in the reform agenda

Key Facts & Figures

Board of Advisors

Executive Office

History and Mission

Delegation from Karnataka visited Republic of Armenia and were welcomed by the President of Armenia His Excellency Armen Sarkessian. The delegation discussed karnataka opportunities and invited the Investors from Armenia for further exploratory visit and to combine efforts in building mechanisms in Agriculture technology and Education.
The Colombia Asia Hospital in Bengaluru is a promoter of foreign medical tourism and generates revenues for karnataka with latest state of the art technologies in robotics and online health care facilities. There will be many more collaborations being explored in the healthcare sector.
Karnataka delegation visited Sultanate of Oman to explore and invite investors for the state of karnataka. Karnataka businessmen are present in Oman and very active in the health care sector and have promoted education institutions in muscat, the capital.
Karnataka delegation headed by Chief Minister visited Israel with other delegates for bridging opportunities with Israel. The special budget in the Assembly was created to allocate 106 crores for Israel Technologies especially in irrigation and centres of Excellence in Karnataka. Private investors from Israel will be visiting the state to create synergies in skill development and AI sector.
Dr. Asif Iqbal met the Secretary General of the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) in Rome and invited team of Investors to collaborate on Agriculture investments in Karnataka state. It was proposed to have the annual Banana Conference in 2021 where delegates from all over the globe would attend.
Governor of colorado Jared Schutz Polis visited bangalore city with a delegation of investors to explore areas of Renewable energy, Alternate models of EV batteries and welcomed a delegation from Karnataka to visit Colorado in late 2021.
Karnataka delegation visited Namibia to explore opportunities in investments towards sectors of Agriculture and affordable housing.  The Investors from Namibia will visit karnataka to collaborate and identify partnerships on mining and natural resources.
Ambassador of Afghanistan welcomed the delegation of the KFIC to invite partnerships between Afghanistan and India for exploring skill development, food processing, IT related business models. Afghanistan delegation will visit Karnataka early 2021.

General V.K. Singh, Minister for State, Govt of India welcomed the KFIC delegation for exploring opportunities in Infrastructure and roads development in the state and to pledge support for bridging relationship for foreign investors.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains when and why the   Foreign Investors Council, with its seat at 2201F World Trade Centre, Bangalore 560055 INDIA with registration number: 17411888 (“FIC”) collects your personal data, the manner in which it uses them, your rights in relation to that data, and the conditions under which it may disclose them to third parties.
1. About FIC
FIC was founded in the form of a trust in 2020 in Bengaluru India. FIC is a voluntary and non-governmental non-profit organization based on freedom of association of several natural or legal persons, founded to achieve and promote a specific mutual and general goal and interest.
Among other things, FIC aims to encourage the improvement of the business climate by proposing concrete reform proposals, and represents, expresses and promotes the mutual opinions of its members in order to promote the mutual interest and improve business conditions in Karnataka State. Through its activities, FIC develops business in Karnataka , represents its members, improves communication with governmental bodies and also promotes the interests of the international business community in Karnataka.
Although our members are companies, not individuals, FIC collects and uses personal data relating to individuals as part of our activities, in order to manage membership and conduct our activities.
2. Contact information
If you have any questions about the manner in which FIC processes your personal data, about this Policy or the manner in which we protect personal data, please send them by e-mail to: or by letter to the address of the seat of FIC,  You can also contact us via phone at: +91 9341307578.
3. Purposes, basis for collection and categories of personal data
Your personal data is protected by the law, and any processing of your personal data must be legally justified and in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. This also applies to the disclosure of your personal data to third parties. We are committed to enabling the personal data we collect and use to be appropriate for the relevant purpose, in accordance with the Law.
In the context of your interaction with FIC, you as a natural person, i.e. the data subject, may be exposed to personal data processing activities by FIC. FIC may use your personal data in the following cases:
I. If you are a representative of FIC member
a. Providing information on FIC membership and FIC activities
FIC uses your personal data to provide information on FIC membership and FIC activities, activity reports, meetings with officials, news regarding legislation relevant to the business environment, and any other specific information.
For the purpose of registration as a representative of FIC member on the website, the following personal data is processed:
– name and surname,
– function,
– name of the business entity, and
– e-mail address.
Providing personal data is a prerequisite for access to the entire content of the website, which is intended only for representatives of FIC members. If you do not provide personal data, FIC will not be able to provide and display the entire content of the website intended for representatives of FIC members.
b. Communication with you
FIC may also use your contact information to electronically provide you news on FIC activities, the White Book, records of meetings, work documents, events documents, event invitations and all other relevant information for the business environment. In addition, FIC uses your contact information to communicate with you regarding meetings held with the officials of competent bodies, FIC position papers, legislation relevant to the business environment and all other relevant matters related to the implementation of FIC activities. FIC also relies in this case on a legitimate interest in carrying out activities in accordance with our goals for building favorable business climate in Karnataka.
Personal data is submitted directly by you or the member who appointed you as its representative. The categories of data processed in this context are:

  • name and surname,
  • function,
  • name of the business entity,
  • phone number, and
  • e-mail address.
    c. Participation in the work of FIC committees
    For the purpose of participating in the work of FIC committees, the following personal data is processed:
  • name and surname,
  • function,
  • phone number,
  • e-mail address.
    The provision of this personal data by the user is voluntary, but is a prerequisite for participation in the work of FIC committees. If you do not provide the above-mentioned personal data, FIC will not be able to provide the representative the opportunity to participate in the work of the committees.

II. If you are a representative, contact person, employee or other associate of a business partner or a service provider of FIC
a. Maintaining a contractual relationship with a business partner or a service provider
FIC uses your relevant personal data to maintain a contractual relationship with our business partner or service provider. In this case, FIC relies on the performance of the concluded contract as a basis for processing, as well as on the legitimate interest to ensure adequate performance of the contract.
b. Communication with you
FIC uses your contact information to communicate with you regarding any relevant business matters. In this case, FIC also relies on the performance of the concluded contract as a basis for processing, as well as on the legitimate interest to ensure adequate performance of the contract.
The categories of data processed in the context of our relationship with you are:

  • name and surname,
  • function,
  • phone number,
  • e-mail address,

as well as other personal data that you may voluntarily provide directly to us, or our business partner or service provider, to fulfill the above-mentioned purpose.
III. If you are a visitor to our premises,
We use your personal data to ensure the security of our premises, assets and personnel. In this case, we base our data processing on the legitimate interest of FIC, on the protection of premises, assets and personnel.
The categories of data processed in this context are your name and surname, business name of the business entity, as well as other personal data that you may give us directly.
IV. If you are representative of the member or visitor to our premises or events in our organization.
Certain activities and events organized by FIC are recorded and photographed by FIC employees, to report on the event and the topic of the event and to promote our activities, as well as to post on the website of the Association:, in order for the public to be introduced with the activities of the Association, which is a legitimate interest of the Association. In this regard, we collect personal data on individuals who register for our events, so that photos and recordings, as well as other personal data related to activity in FIC can be publicly posted and published on our website, in our news, as well as on the official accounts of the Association on social networks (LinkedIn, YouTube), if they are relevant to the publicity of our work. If you wish to have your image removed or if you do not wish to be photographed or recorded, you may notify FIC at any time to take further action in this regard.
In addition to the above, exceptionally, FIC may process your personal data on another legal basis, and in such cases, you will be informed in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of the Law.
4. How does FIC collect personal data?
FIC collects your personal data, for example, when your organization applies for FIC membership, when you apply for or participate in activities, talk to us by phone, contact us by e-mail and/or letter, give us your business card, or when you contact us regarding our activities.
Additionally, we may collect your personal data from your employer, if your employer is a member or is applying for FIC membership and has listed you as a contact person, or if e.g. your spouse, colleague or any acquaintance lists you as an escort when registering for a FIC event.
We may also collect your personal data from partners, third parties who are service providers, and publicly available sources.
5. How long does FIC keep personal data?
We will keep the contact information of the representative of the business entity which is a member of FIC, as long as the business entity is a member of FIC. If the business entity is not a member of FIC, we will keep information on other persons as long as we have a legitimate interest. Unless otherwise provided by the Law or relevant regulations, the deadlines prescribed by them shall apply.
6. With whom does FIC share personal data?
We may share your personal data with the following organizations:

  • Co-organizers of our events and/or activities, such as other business entities, members and partners,
  • Event management companies,
  • Organizations and individuals with whom we introduce you directly,
  • Organizations for which you request we provide them with your personal data,
  • Service providers, such as financial services companies; event, invitation and news sign-up software providers; customer relationship management software providers.
    7. Rights of data subjects
    Data subjects have the following rights:
    The right to access their personal data kept and processed by FIC, as well as the right to request a copy of them.
    If a person considers that any personal data relating to him/her is inaccurate or incomplete, he/she may request rectification of that data.
    The right to request the erasure of his/her personal data or the restriction of processing.
    The right to data portability
    -the right to restriction of processing
    The right to object.
    The terms of this Policy may be amended from time to time. All material amendments to this Policy will be published through appropriate notices on this website or we will inform you by other appropriate means of communication.

Unit No. 2201 A, 22nd Floor, WTC Bangalore, Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar Extension, Malleswaram, Bangalore, 560055
Phone: 9341307578 

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