Harmony among nations, communities and countries

Welcome Message from Chairman of GIA

Chief Imam of the All India Imam Organization

Since ancient times, many philosophers have tried to find the formula for peace. Although it seems simple, it is actually the most difficult thing to establish both a country and for its inhabitants. To live in peace is not necessary to eliminate the differences, but it is important to learn to respect the points of view of all around us. When you live in the absence of peace people lead really difficult lives.Today it seems that peace is being eliminated more and more worldwide. It is not only an evil that is the responsibility of governments, but it is also something that is up to each person. Each individual can choose to lead a life that is free of resentment and negative feelings. The peace that we all desire can always be found when we feel good about ourselves. Global Imam Alliance are messengers of peace and offer you some thoughts about peace. Join us in making this movement stronger.
Thank you and I look towards your co-operation in sharing this goal.