Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, and Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina shake hands in Dhaka, Bangladesh. India and Bangladesh finalized a much-delayed land swap agreement to settle a long-running border dispute.

Day 1


Inaugural SessionWelcome Address
Main Guest (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Govt of Bangladesh
With a film on Indo – Bangla Business Relationship and Play Message from the Indian
Prime Minister.
Welcome talk, Conclave Intro talk, brief talks by partner representatives and
Organizing Committee

Panel on Business Diplomacy and Development of Trade Commerce 
Honorary Consuls from India and Bangladesh will participate in the session

Leadership Lunch:
Shashi Tharoor: The Indian Century Ahead
Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog: Doubling Indo Bangla Economy to 5 trillion dollars:
Challenges & Possibilities
(2:00PM-3:30 PM)

Staying Afloat in Slowdown & Expanding Business in Kolkata and Bangladesh:
8 panelists: 4 brands from various sectors in India and Bangladesh.

Funding and Partnerships between India and Bangladesh companies:
Two speakers: one top financial adviser (like Anil Lamba) top Bangladesh lawyer/CS/CA

Awards for Indian and Bangladesh Business Achievers

Dinner Cocktails Networking.
Fashion Show –
Ethnic Eco-friendly India Bangladesh Fashions

Day 2:

(10:00AM to 11.30AM)
Spirituality in the Business World: Quest of a Mission:
By Experts from India and Bangladesh
Sister Shibani of the Brahmakumari Mission OR some other spiritual expert.


Panel: Womens Leadership Channel Growth:
Top women speakers from  India and Bangladesh to Participate.


(1:00PM- 2:00PM)
HR Thought Leadership Speaker: Lunch Session

Building Strong Teams with high IQ: Joy Chowdhury, Amazon. 

Simple Tools of Branding for SME Sector:
One expert from India and Bangladesh on marketing and digital branding.


Entertainment, SME Media, & Events:
Usha Utthup, Anjan Dutta, Bhoomi Band, A known dancer, and two Actors, Moksh Events, A production house owner, and Bangladesh participants


Organizers Experience Sharing, Suggestions Industry:

Main organizers of Kolkata Lit Fest, Tata Lit Fest, Kolkata International Photography Fest, Boi Mala organizers, International Trade Fair organizers, Kolkata International Film Festival, Theatre Festival and Bangladesh Participants.

10 categories, 3 nominees in each, 10 winners, 10 runners, all 30 get Award certificates.


(A) Best Agro-based & Food SME
(B) Best Textile/Handloom-based SME
(C) Best Hospitality & Restaurant based SME
(D) Best Travel-Transport-Tourism based SME
(E) Best Education SME
(F) Best Event SME
(G) Best Entertainment & Media SME
(H) Best Supply Chain & Logistics SME
(J) Best Manufacturing SME

9pm: Cocktail and Dinner


Womens Chamber of Commerce,Chittogram Bangladesh during the Annual Asian Arab Awards 2019 held in Hyderabad in March 2019 with the President of the WWLC Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie