IETO represented by its President Dr. Asif Iqbal Participated in the Webinar titled WARS AND ENVIRONMENT  hosted by Ahimsa- Human Rights and Earth Rights NGO initiated by Mr. Harsh Vardhan Umre, the founder. Other participants were the Deputy Consul General of Japan His Excellency MARUO KATSUMASA, Mr. Prabhakar Bhattacharya, Ex Customs Officer and Write, Mr. Chrish Pohl, CEO of Independent Advisory Services and Mr. Hiroyuki Itoh, CEO of Databloom Corpn. Japan. 75th ANNIVERSARY 🇮🇳🇯🇵of the horrific bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings represent the most devilish enterprise undertaken by man against man and the most evil ingenuity of man. Time has come to hold nations accountable for the violations of the RIGHTS of the EARTH and for the CRIMES AGAINST EARTH.


IETO meeting held with the Ambassador of Zimbabwe HE Mr Godfrey Majoni Chipare at the Zimbabwe Embassy in New Delhi to explore possibilities to expand relations between both countries.

The discussion was attended by the IETO Chairman, Dr S. Krishna kumar, IETO President Dr. Asif Iqbal and IETO Director for International Cooperation Mr Mohit Srivastava while from the embassy’s side along with Ambassador Chipare, the trade Attache Lovemore Ncube was present.

Amb. Chipare discussed the key issues of the connection and briefed the IETO’s representation about the past MOUs signed during the visit of the Vice President of India to Zimbabwe and area of further scope. Amb. Chipare invited IETO Chairman, Former Indian Federal Minister, to form a bilateral body India Zimbabwe Trade Council between the two friendly countries to boost ties with domain experts. He explained the key sectors to do business in Zimbabwe with target in mining, agriculture and setting-up of small scale enterprises. Apart from which Amb. Chipare said, “Youngsters in my country are big admirers of Indian Bollywood and thus I would like to invite you to organise connect film industry”, saying so he expressed interest to bond strong the Cultural ties of both countries.

During the meeting it was also proposed to have ‘Bilateral Trade and Investment Treaty’ to be signed to secure possibilities of expanding business relations and to protect interest of Indian investors intending to invest in Zimbabwe. Thus to foster this relationship, it was jointly proposed to establish ‘India Zimbabwe Trade Council (IZTC)’ to consolidate all bilateral activities. To the first of its attempt, the IZTC board would be connecting the Zimbabwe Embassy to the rural areas in India and would be participating in a high level business dinner in the month of October this year to make a grand announcement.

Creating constructive bond: AMITY-IETO. MoU for strategic academic partnership has been signed between Amity Universities & Institutions and Indian Economic Trade Organisation. During a webinar hosted by Amity International business school Amity university IETO President, Dr Asif Iqbal delivered a lecture on “Academic Institutions toward Twin Track Diplomacy” while Director for International Cooperations, Mr Mohit Srivastava presented a briefing on the insights of the prestigious MoU. The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Gurinder Singh , Group Vice chancellor Amity Universities, Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Arora and students & faculty members from Amity.
IETO participated in the India China Meeting processes – interpersonal communication, relationship building, socialization and co-constitution of identity formation – happen outside of political process. These exchanges aim to create political outcomes in a top-down format using their constituents to achieve their foreign policy goals. And it is the people themselves who typically initiate People 2 People exchanges, not simply to have interactions with their counterparts, but to also shape political processes in a bottom-up fashion, one step at a time, and to have an aggregate impact.