Indian Economic Trade Organization Appoints Ms. Nutan Roongta as Director of USA East Coast


NUtan Roongta


The Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO) has recently announced the appointment of Ms. Nutan Roongta as the Director of the USA East Coast Chapter. This significant development highlights IETO’s commitment to expanding its presence and promoting bilateral trade and economic cooperation between India and the United States. As the Director of the USA East Coast Chapter, Ms. Nutan Roongta will play a pivotal role in leading and coordinating the organization’s activities across this vital region. With her extensive experience and expertise in international trade and business development, she is well-equipped to spearhead IETO’s efforts to enhance commercial ties between the two nations.

Nutan Roongta’s attendance at the NRI Council Function in Indore, India, earlier this year, where she was awarded the NRI Achievers Award by the Hon. Minister of Maldives and the Ambassador of Zimbabwe , is a testament to her outstanding contributions and accomplishments as a member of the Indian diaspora. The NRI Council, which is a part of IETO, serves as a platform to recognize and honour the achievements of non-resident Indians (NRIs) who have excelled in their respective fields and made significant contributions to India’s growth and development. Nutan Roongta’s receipt of the NRI Achievers Award is a prestigious recognition of her exceptional achievements and her dedication to making a positive impact.

IETO is a renowned organization dedicated to fostering economic growth, facilitating business partnerships, and promoting investment opportunities between India and its global counterparts. Establishing USA East Coast Chapter is a strategic move that reflects IETO’s commitment to strengthening bilateral trade and economic cooperation with the United States, one of India’s key trading partners. According to the President of IETO, Dr. Asif Iqbal, “The trade relations between India and the United States hold immense potential for mutual economic growth and collaboration. Both countries have vibrant economies and possess unique strengths that can complement each other. India’s rapidly expanding consumer market, skilled workforce, and technological advancements provide attractive opportunities for American businesses seeking to expand their presence in the country. Similarly, the United States’ robust economy, innovation-driven industries, and technological expertise offer Indian companies avenues for growth and investment.”

The establishment of regional chapters is a strategic move by IETO to enhance its presence and outreach in different key regions of the United States. By having localized chapters, IETO aims to better understand the unique dynamics and specific business needs of each region, while also fostering stronger relationships with local businesses, trade associations, and government entities. The regional chapters of IETO will act as regional hubs for various activities and initiatives. They will serve as focal points for organizing business events, seminars, and conferences that bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from both countries. These events will facilitate knowledge sharing, promote cross-border collaborations, and provide a platform for Indian and American businesses to explore trade opportunities. The IETO Delegation is headed to Texas in early 2024.

Both India and the United States are looking to expand their economic ties and capitalize on the enormous potential for mutually beneficial trade. India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing major economies, and the United States remains the world’s largest economy. Strengthening the economic partnership between these two nations holds immense promise for businesses and investors on both sides. By establishing strong leadership, the USA East Coast Chapter of IETO aims to facilitate greater market access for Indian businesses in the United States, while also attracting American companies to explore investment opportunities in India. By leveraging on existing expertise and the Indian diaspora IETO, will work towards removing trade barriers, identifying potential sectors for collaboration, and promoting cross-border partnerships that create a win-win situation for both nations.

As the founder of Nectar Nectar New York, Ms. Roongta successfully merged her expertise in both the front-end and back-end aspects of the business. Her ability to align both the creative and logistical aspects of the business will undoubtedly enhance IETO’s efforts to foster successful collaborations and partnerships in diverse sectors. Ms Nutan Roongta brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to her new role. Having previously held leadership positions in the international business arena, Ms. Nutan Roongta deeply understands the intricacies of cross-border trade and investment. Her track record of successfully navigating complex business environments will undoubtedly be instrumental in driving IETO’s initiatives forward. Ms. Nutan Roongta expressed her enthusiasm and confidence in her comments, “I am excited about being a part of IETO and strong desire to support and contribute to the organization’s goals. I am happy that I can support my home country, India, dedicate to promoting Indian businesses and nurturing economic growth and cooperation between India and the United States”.

According to the Vice President – Global Partnerships of IETO, Mr. Wali Kashvi, “The India-USA relationship holds immense potential for economic growth and collaboration, and the establishment of regional chapters by the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO) marks a pivotal step towards strengthening this bilateral partnership. These chapters will serve as localized platforms to engage with businesses and stakeholders in various key regions of the United States, fostering closer ties and facilitating trade opportunities. Ms. Nutan Roongta’s appointment is not only a significant milestone but also paves the way for the establishment of many regional chapters across the country.”

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, organizations like IETO play a pivotal role in facilitating international trade and fostering global economic growth. With Ms. Nutan Roongta at the helm of the USA East Coast Chapter, IETO is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the flourishing trade relations between India and the United States, bringing mutual prosperity and strengthening the ties that bind the two nations.