Basic aims & objectives of Global Imam Alliance

  • Propagation of religious terms globally and create a common peace narrative.
  • Promotion of Islamic values in the global society.
  • Removal of social evils from the society with multicultural dialogues.
  • Promotion of mutual harmony between nations
  • Co-ordination between religious personalities representing different schools of thoughts globally.
  • Promotion and envolvement of common strategy on basic issues by various religious groups.
  • Promotion of communal harmony by way of peace delegations all over the globe.
  • Promotion of harmony amongst Muslim countries.
  • Promotion of positive inclinations in the society.
  • To ensure effective role of Global Imams integrating their social culture
  • To ensure proper role of mosques in the reformation of the society and community in a transparent way.
  • Awakening towards the problems of the community globally.
  • To ensure development of the world with a nation as the centre point of dialogue.
  • To make struggle for accomplishment of basic objectives like national integrity, common brotherhood and equality.
  • To take up problems of community with the State and render all possible assistance in their solution using international platforms like the United Nations. European Parliament.

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