Service can be a vaguely defined expectation in academia, but it’s an expectation to give back to our community; this can be accomplished in different ways and is valued differently by institutions and departments.  Outreach is an easily neglected part of science, because so often it is considered non-essential to your research.  IETO realises that It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness or direct benefit of outreach as a deliverable, and when you are trying to hoard merit badges to make tenure and your time is dominated by other responsibilities, you often need to prioritize research, teaching, advising, or grant writing over extension and service activities.  Nevertheless, IETO network of public outreach is a vital part to fulfilling our roles as support system to researchers.  Academic work is supported by public funding in one way or another, and much of our research is determined by the needs of stakeholders, who in this sense are anyone who has a direct interest in the problem companies are trying to solve.
Depending on your research field, IETO may help you work very closely with stakeholders especially with applied research.  
IETO can help to fulfill your outreach requirement is to introduce networks for giving public presentations.  These can be general presentations that educate on a broad subject, or can be specifically to present your work.  Many bilateral relationships have domain experts, who might do some research or teaching but whose primary function is to connect researchers at the institution with members of the public.  IETO also can be a great resource for networking if you are looking for resources or collaborations, for example if you are specifically looking for farms in Israel or Namibia that grow wheat organically and are infested with field bindweed.
IETO has also created a Health and Energy Research team to bring university researchers and industry professionals together to foster collaborations and better disseminate information.  The goals of the IETO are to improve building sustainability for energy and materials, building design to serve human use better, and developing efficient mechanisms and study its impact on human health. IETO has interacted with many domain experts in various countries.
Academic Outreach team of the IETO is very approachable and it’s humanizing.  As hard as scientists work to reach out to the public, we need you to reach back.  So go ahead, email us and engage with us!! Lets go together on connecting the Academic Outreach Program

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