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Improving the road safety – that is an ultimate challenge, might be finally solved by extending the car’s autonomy. By enabling interconnection between various types of vehicles and connecting them to a powerful computer network, the leading car manufacturers intend to transform the concept of driving. However, this major shift from a mechanical system of a conventional vehicle to an always-connected car raises a plethora of automotive cyber security concerns.

These days people are driving more connected cars than ever and for automakers the growing trend of such vehicles means enhancing electronic content per vehicles. With the increasing number of cloud based applications and technological advancements these new forms of mobility like connected and autonomous vehicles are increasingly getting exposed to automotive cybersecurity threats.

The passenger vehicle segment is projected to be the largest market for automotive cyber security, Markets research highlighted adding the market growth in this segment can be attributed to the increasing electronic content inside the vehicle that is controlled by ECUs. Moreover, passenger vehicles are connected to external cloud services for telematics and fleet management applications.

About us
Point2Port is a cyber lens-based R&D, focusing on automotive security from procurement stage to production of vehicles. In today’s dynamic business state of affairs, a collaborative approach has not been diagnosed and evident, on account of this automotive industry is in a puzzled spot.
We ensure that our strategies and commitment will protect the most valuable assets of our customers from vulnerabilities and by mitigating the risk associated with their reputation.

Our objective is to work on multidimensional and cooperative product-based domain technology as the dimensional architecture of cyber threat is not translucent in nature.

Point2Port aims to leading Global Innovators in the field of Cyber-Physical System Security 

Our mission is to develop cyber-lens solutions to secure the evolving mobility using infrastructure and cloud-based platforms. These products will benefit the mobility industries to overcome the forthcoming concealed cyber security challenges.

Promise to deliver utmost security in the automotive industry ensuring to meet the requirements of the customer in all aspects to be a countless and precious resource of security for our customers.

We assure that our customer information is secured which makes our policies related to customers more reliable and efficient.

Provide transparency for our customers in all aspects like sourcing, pricing, processing, and values of our company to maintain good relation and trust with our customers.

Collaborate and Innovate
To meet the requirements of the customers and to grow with the technology your collaboration will help us to innovate new products with advanced technology.

Our Customer-Centric approach will help our customer to maintain good relation with the company be it in retailing, finance and lifetime of the customer with the company. 

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Welcome to a place where innovation and cybersecurity ideas evolve and where words matter. On Point2Port, smart voices and original ideas take center stage – with good ideas in sight. 

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