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Art of Balancing Communities


The TAWAZUN Foundation works to support communities and youths of disempowered groups and sections of society . It is a platform for intercultural exchange that allows young people from different backgrounds to meet, thereby engendering an understanding of different cultures. In its work abroad, the Foundation makes it possible for collaboration for the benefit of Indian disadvantaged communities to have regular access to high quality education and understanding of cultures


S. Krishnakumar

S. Krishnakumar IAS (Retd) is a senior retired bureaucrat and a former Minister of Defense, Govt of India. Chairman of Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce.

Fathima Asif
Fathima Asif is a women entrepreneur and activist working towards liberty and empowerment of small medium enterprises run by women NGOs.
Srinivas Rao Sohoni
Shrinivasrao Sohoni is a Governance Specialist and Strategic Analyst. A senior bureaucrat, He had served as Senior Adviser in the Office of the President of Afghanistan.
Dr. Kemal Yeldirim

Professor Keman Yeldirim is a professor in comparitive politics,  ancient civilizations and religions and has more than 100 articles in religious and civilization books.

Saad Al Dabaggh

Saad Al Dabbagh is a director of Al Dabbagh group in Doha Qatar. Liberal minded business entrepreneurs and working towards establishing mutual bilateral relations.

Alvira Asif

Alvira Asif is an active girl child activist working on education and upliftment of girl children, working on Interfaith issues and works with various NGOs for balancing religious opinions .

The Tawazun Foundation is the brainchild of the Family Trust headed by Alvira Asif & Fathima Asif who started off with bringing unity among various communities in India. The TAWAZUN Foundation was launched in Bangalore India by His Holiness Dalai Lama in 2013 along with various Diplomatic community and International Dignitaries. Since then TAWAZUN has been working on various issues concerning International peace relations, Deradicalization programs, Helping Acid Attack Victims and conducting Interfaith Activities especially the Jewish Islamic dialogues.