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IETO Vendor registration form is a document used by established companies to confirm contact and financial details of Indian companies that wish to do business. It is recommended for small and medium businesses to manage their procurement process by filing in all details efficiently.

Why register?
To do business with the IETO listed connections, you need to be a registered vendor. Registering with the IETO Secretariat is the first step to be considered for participation in trade commerce exercises. Registering with the IETO Secretariat through this channel will provide access to all IETO Secretariat entities, including Field Missions, Representative offices away from India, Economic Commissions, Trade ministries, and other Secretariat entities.
It is the expectation of the IETO that its suppliers, at a minimum, have established clear goals toward meeting
the standards set forth in the suppliers Code of Conduct. The IETO expects that its suppliers will establish and maintain
appropriate management systems related to the content of this Code of Conduct, and that they actively review, monitor and modify their management processes and business operations to ensure they align with the principles set forth in this Code of Conduct. Supplier participants in the IETO are strongly encouraged to operationalize its principles and to communicate their progress annually to stakeholders. 

The provisions of this Code of Conduct set forth the IETO’s expectations for all suppliers that are registered with the IETO or with whom it does business. The IETO expects that these principles apply to suppliers and their employees, parent, subsidiary or affiliate entities, and subcontractors. The IETO expects suppliers to ensure that
this Code of Conduct is communicated to their employees, parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities as well as
any subcontractors, and that it is done in the local language and in a manner that is understood by all. In order for a supplier to be registered as IETO  supplier or to do business with the IETO, the supplier is required to read
and acknowledge that this Code of Conduct provides the minimum standards expected of International Suppliers. In
addition, suppliers should note that certain provisions of this Code of Conduct will be binding on the supplier in the event the supplier is awarded a contract facilitated by the IETO pursuant to the terms and conditions of any suchcontract. Failure to comply with certain provisions may also preclude suppliers from being eligible for a contract
award.  Prospective suppliers
are invited to review the specific terms and conditions of contract and procurement policies of the
organization(s) within the IETO with which they would like to do business in order to ascertain their current and future eligibility.

Please provide all details in order to be eligible for being the IETO registered vendor.

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