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Women are still underrepresented in diplomacy, foreign policy and public policy, particularly in senior positions. This is despite a proliferation of networks advocating for women across sectors, purported support by numerous governments for increasing women’s representation in negotiations and research illustrating the benefits of including women in negotiations.


To address the issue of women’s underrepresentation in diplomacy and foreign policy, particularly in senior positions.


Our ‘Women in Diplomacy’ Project aims to:

  • Develop research, academic knowledge, and practice/strategy on issues relating to women representation and leadership across diplomacy, international affairs and foreign policy
  • Bring together experts, scholars, practitioners to advance knowledge, practical solutions, and understanding/outlook
  • Build partnerships with those working on similar issues to further promote practical solutions (e.g. resources and recommendations; research insights, etc.)

‘Women in Diplomacy’ will leverage the convening power to bring together scholars, students, diplomats and activists to discuss ways to increase women’s representation in diplomacy and to foster greater consideration of gender issues in diplomacy and foreign policy-making, while recognising that the links between representation and policy output are complex. The unique contribution the project will make is to build on existing scholarly work not just through further research but through extensive engagement with the practitioner community. The end results will be practical and policy-oriented, with a view to helping to foster change.

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