If you’re an organization that is in need of just industry knowledge in a specific global region or sector – IETO directors spew out business terms and understand business process without a problem. They know exactly what issues and corporate actions are required and how these business gaps get processed. From start ups and medium sized projects they can put in a governance structure for you. They also have knowledge of how particular country specific solutions might be used to meet business needs.

IETO Directors

Ask our IETO Independent Directors and Domain Experts for all your solutions.

IETO offers the most interactive activity you can experience in regional and sectoral business surroundings. Find out how the business growth comes alive when you are guided by the right people.

Some of the organizations partnered with IETO

"What I like about IETO is they add value to the service provided to members and these delegations that the local directors are very open and knowledgeable to support and show us the real capabilities. I will definitely recommend IETO"
Amanda Elvine
CEO from Singapore
“IETO is everything I hoped for to support my startup enterprise to open market in Baltic region. IETO really made a difference by taking me on official delegation and I was never disappointed"
Anita Mathew
Product Designer-UAE

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