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Who We Are

IETO has a commitment! Our approach in business Intelligence is different.
IETO keeps continued efforts to expand to include discussions in the subjects of science, technology, public policy, the environment, and natural resources.
Today, IETO works towards a dual mission of “preparing future generations of leaders,” and “providing leadership in advancing policy-relevant knowledge about the most important challenges of … security and …. other critical issues.”
With the belief that currently existing science and technology could be applied to improve the conditions of world populations, IETO focuses on addressing important global issues such as sustainable development and the needs of the world’s poor. The IETO is composed of various domain experts and their job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can present options that make sense for you.

Mandate Business Growth

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We’re always happy to talk about how we can can work together. Consistent with our interest in economic principles . IETO Can help to broaden the parameters of public policy debate to allow consideration of the traditional Economic principles of governments, individual liberty, free markets, and peace for all.
IETO Delegation visiting Latvia with the Minister of External Affairs, Govt of India
IETO’s stated mission is to promote the tradition of thought through the defense of the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful international relations, while maintaining a non aligned stand. As such it has become, perhaps more than any other institution on this list. Give us a call or reach out using the contact form below — let’s start the conversation.

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