Ambassador Menahem (Chuck) Kanafi, is a retired diplomat and Advocate admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the State of New York and of Israel. He served as the first Consul-General of Israel in Bengaluru responsible for forging relationships between Israel and South India especially in the field of high-tech. His billion-dollar negotiation experience, as well as decades of international trade experience, position him as a leading expert in international tech-oriented dispute resolution, with special emphasis on cross-cultural conflicts involving Israel, India and the United States. He has a proven stellar success rate of 85%. He provides international mediation, arbitration and negotiation strategy services.

WHY: Courts and litigation do not provide answers. Litigation only deepens the rifts by declaring a “winner” and a “loser”. In reality – everyone loses (except, perhaps, the Advocates).
Sometimes – as in international disputes – resort to the Court is not even practical in terms of resources or time. In the world of Global Commerce, different languages, legal systems and, in a word, cultures prevent courts of law from providing satisfactory resolution of disputes.
Mediation is consensual, not compulsory : If a party is dissatisfied at any time they may
unilaterally stop the proceedings, or ask for modifications. The mediator is not a judge,
rather a facilitator.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • Opens clearer communications channels.
    – Avoids taking disputes to court – saving time and money.
    – Treats disputes as individual cases with solutions that are not ‘one size fits all’ .
    – Rebuilds relationships rather than damaging them as going to court can.
    – Participants can arrive at a mutually acceptable, lasting solution.
    – The parties; not lawyers, solicitors or judges, retain control of solutions.
    – Our expert Mediator has dealt with complex disputes in different parts of the world.

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The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost all facets of human interaction, from a simple hug to bankruptcy of billion-dollar MNCs. Fear and uncertainty concerning our future health and financial well-being reign supreme. Along the way, many relationships have been upended; smooth-sailing partnerships and contracts have suddenly hit obstacles unthinkable only a few months ago. These bumps in the road threaten not only the individual relationship, but the commercial fabric as a whole on community, regional, national and international levels. However, IETO has expert advisory for business disputes between International firms can be resolved without recourse to Courts.