India is the world’s 4th largest energy consumer and oil and gas accounts for 35.61 % of total energy consumption in India. Demand for primary energy in India is to increase 3-fold by 2035 to 1,516 million tonnes of oil. Over the next few years, dependence on gas, hydro power and nuclear power is expected to increase relative to oil and coal. In spite of rapid growth of Renewable Energy and Unconventional Energy, Fossil Fuel will keep on holding a major share in the primary energy basket. The conference was therefore focussed on the sustainable way of producing Fossil Fuel keeping the environment aspect in mind. IETO hosted the gas field owners from Texas USA who explained various opportunities available for Indian investors in the Oil and Gas sector. Later the CEO Cullen Bordes also explained the Block chain opportunities available for the IT sector in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Cullen Bordes and the owners of the Oil Fields from Texas lighting the welcome lamp during the Summit