Quality is vital to the success of the Indian Economic Trade Organization and our quality processes enable us to consistently exceed expectations, while delivering solutions that are within budget and on time. Our advisory are specifically charged with maintaining a commitment to satisfying country and regulatory requirements, while striving to innovate and improve the quality of the bilateral solutions we offer.

IETO Evaluation Research and Consulting Engagements
IETO Participated in the Horasis Conference in Madrid Spain with IE Management School
Consulting efforts and their outcomes are seldom evaluated with evidence-based evaluation research models, designs, and processes. Instead, those engaged in consulting processes often subjectively assess outcomes without utilizing a systematic, measured model before, during, and after the consulting engagement. IETO Advisory offers an evidence-based evaluation model comprised of five elements and ideas to facilitate effective consulting evaluations. The five elements include the logic type or level of thinking used in an evaluation, a conceptual map, a logic model, the implementation of the logic model, and outcome and impact assessments.  At IETO we use Evidence-based evaluation that provides a rigorous, valid, and reliable approach for assessing the effectiveness of a consulting engagement. We also provide opportunities to improve consulting and evaluation knowledge and practice, and an alternative to a process that is too often conducted as a casual assessment tainted with possible biases and aberrations.
IETO Delegation at the Indian High Commission in Namibia addressing the Delegates

In many cases, consulting efforts are led by IETO independent advisory consultants who sell or advocate their services and pre-packaged products using years of rich experience in their domain of success. Often, companies rely on remedies offered by consultants for quick results—without proper diagnosis, intervention, and evaluation. To improve consulting practices, the IETO consulting field would benefit from both evaluations and learning about the effectiveness of the services and outcomes of consulting efforts and their impacts. Managers would also benefit by learning the results of the efforts and resources of IETO expended on consulting to find better ways to logically plan and justify consulting efforts in their own organizations.

IETO conducted the World Environment Day in Bengaluru with the Honorary Consulate of Estonia and other Water Experts
An evidence-based approach to evaluation offers valid and reliable information on the efficacy of consulting efforts and provides opportunities to generate knowledge, learning, improvements, and innovation. This methodology relies on a logical approach to consulting assessments, and includes planning, designing, implementing, and controlling: a disciplined approach to evaluation. Developing and adopting a logical approach that fits the specific drivers of change efforts tends to assure greater validity and reliability in evaluating the effectiveness of the consulting approach, processes, and results, versus using unchecked, idiosyncratic consultant- and client-dominated approaches.
Delegation visited the Foreign Minister of Spain and the CEO of International Trade Centre in Budapest Hungary

Resource expenditures during delegation visits for consulting engagements are justified based on views, hopes, and aspirations that consultants can draw upon to help their clients deal with the realities of their situations—whether implicit or explicit. The evidence-based evaluation approach emphasizes a logical approach that underpins the evaluation of the consultation process from start to finish, or at any phase of the consulting activity. This approach can help reveal the level of thought, scope, and usefulness of the engagement and associated interventions. A logical approach can guide the design and selection of the appropriate type of thinking, concepts, methodologies, and processes to be used in evaluations. This approach can also provide key elements and play a critical role in facilitating a valid and reliable evaluation. Evidence-based evaluation can incorporate features and attributes that offer the best assessments of the unique situational conditions and driving forces of the consulting engagement.

IETO participated in the Horasis Conference with the President of CII Shobana Kamineni

An effective consulting evaluation requires adopting the appropriate type of thinking, concepts, data and country specific methodologies, design, and implementation. To ensure valid and reliable evidence-based evaluation outcomes, evaluation methodologies should reflect the rationale of the consulting engagement. When the purpose and drivers of the consulting engagement are not considered, the evaluation concepts, methodology, and subsequent results will most likely be confused and unreliable. It is important to configure the explicit and implicit unique, subtle, and special conditions of the consulting effort. An evidence-based evaluation approach guides the type and level of thinking, applicable concepts, process design, and implementation, and provides a framework for the valid and reliable evaluation of consulting engagements.

MOU Signing in UAE with South East Asian Federation

Ideally, evidence-based evaluation is incorporated into consulting engagements from beginning to end, with resources and support for the evaluation effort integrated into the consulting engagement. Furthermore, key stakeholders are identified and, if appropriate, included in the process of consulting evaluation planning and implementation.

Papua New Guinea Delegation

Delegation of India visited Papua New Guinea to collaborate on Oil Exploration and Health Care partnerships.

India Namibia Bilateral Relations

India and Namibia came together to launch the Business council with offices in Capitals New Delhi and Windhoek respectively.

India Lithuania Delegation

IETO Delegation accompanied the Vice President to strengthen cultural and trade relations with Lithuania.

IETO Security Awareness Conference

IETO participated in the National Awareness & Internal Security Conference with RSN Singh and PVSM NS Malik in Vizag India.

India Armenia Business Conclave

Indian delegation of the IETO participated in the India Armenia Business Conclave in Yerevan, Armenia to collaborate and sign MOU's

International Cybersecurity Conference

Indian delegation of the IETO participated Cybersecurity Conference in the Garden City University Bangalore

Asian Arab Awards 2019

IETO delegation organised and supported the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce at the Annual Asian Arab Awards 2019 in Hyderabad.

International Yoga Festival

IETO delegation supported the World Yoga Festival held in Goa.

Papua New Guinea Delegation

Delegation of India visited Papua New Guinea to collaborate on Oil Exploration and Health Care partnerships.