IETO Participated in the Qatar Euromoney Conference

IETO participated in the Euromoney conference where the world economy is in a contradictory phase. The tide of universal globalisation is ebbing and economic nationalism is in the ascendant. Rates are low, asset prices high and now the fiscal pumps are being primed. But, all economic sectors are in the throes of technological transformation and the adoption of digital-first business models and data-driven strategies is growing exponentially. On one side there is gloom and risk, on the other side optimism and growth. It’s a hard ocean to navigate.
At this year’s Euromoney Qatar conference IETO met various participants to help them find a way through. IETO focuses on how the small but resourceful and capital-rich Qatari economy is transforming its already sizeable role in the global economy to meet the new demands of 21st century business and finance. Our delegates from Qatari ministers, financial and business leaders and also meet industry practitioners, investors and globally important commentators at the forefront of digital transformation. IETO gave a coherent and consistent strategic overview of the challenges and opportunities that the coming years will bring.
IETO Delegation was represented by the director in Qatar Mr. Saad Al Dabbagh and Saba Fatima from India.

IETO delegation meeting the Indian Ambassador in Qatar and Officials of the Qatar Finance Centre.